Monday, June 20, 2011

Blazing Days of May and June

I can't believe May has already come and gone and now it's June. Wow, where does the time go? We had a very busy, but fun May. The curly girlies both finished preschool and had fun little parties. Oldest girlie is very excited that she is now 4 1/2 and will be starting Pre-K in the fall. I can't believe she will be turning 5 in just a few months! Youngest girlie had a great little half-year in the two year old class. One of her favorite little friends was in the same class with her which made the time extra sweet.

Oldest girlie enjoyed a great week of Bible School with some of her friends. She memorized Psalm 121:1-2 and she is so proud of herself! I love the expression she uses when she says, "Where does my help come from?" On the last day, she participated in a huge assembly and it was awesome! There were about 500 children singing "Our God" and it was powerful!

Both girlies then spent this past week doing swim lessons with my Mom here in Atlanta. It was a very fun week and both girlies can really do some swimming now!

A June highlight for the girlies was hosting a pajama movie night! It was a blast! Four of their sweet friends came over for pizza, popcorn and Toy Story 3. As you can imagine, the kids were full of energy and excitement! They watched some of the movie, ran around, watched a little more, had a little pillow fight, and then finished off the end of the movie. We hope to make this a monthly event this summer!

I've been enjoying lots of little sewing projects. I've made a few skirts, dresses, hats, headbands, purses, and even made myself a skirt. I find that making and completing these little projects really inspires me! I've taken a few pieces of clothing that we already own and turned them into patterns. This is definitely a challenge because I don't really have an eye for design, but I'm finding that I actually like the trial and error process. By nature, I like the finished project. I like someone else telling me how to do something. I'm not the best learner. However, in the past few weeks, I have found myself growing in this area. These fun projects are growing me in patience and I'm learning the importance of perseverance in the midst of confusion.

It's actually been a really tough month for our family. Doug traveled to San Francisco for work and I got to meet him there mid-week. Sounds real tough, huh? Well, he got an infection while we were there from all the walking on his prosthetic leg. We did, however, have fun together and made the most of our time there. We spent some time in Wine Country, visited with some friends in Oakland, checked out Fisherman's Wharf and Chinatown, drove over the Golden Gate Bridge, and enjoyed a lovely morning at the Farmer's Market.

Since that trip, we have been experiencing lots of ups and downs with his leg. He has spent most of the past five weeks in the wheelchair or on crutches. This has been quite challenging for all of us, especially my sweet husband. He is now on a second round of antibiotics and has begun wearing the leg for a few hours at a time. We are praying that he gets a new leg this week that will fit properly and will enable him to get back into his gardening!

This new trial and phase of the recovery has brought about lots of doubt in my heart about the Lord's plan for us. It seems that He doesn't really care. In the midst of this confusion, I want to run and hide. I want to sit on my bed and cry and doubt the Lord's goodness. However, the Lord graciously points me to His Truth. He points me to how He has cared for our family and spared Doug's life. In a recent sermon, Walter used Psalm 126 to comfort me and challenge me. He said that God brings blessings through our tears and He brings about growth in our lives through suffering. God's dreams for my family and myself will far exceed my own dreams for myself. I'm clinging to these promises!