Sunday, September 5, 2010

Bow Flip Flops

Yes, summertime is coming to an end, so it seems a little late for a tutorial on making flip flops, but if you live in the south, it really doesn't get cold for a while, so keep on wearing those flip flops! Plus, you can find plain flip flops for very cheap right now at places like Old Navy and Target, so go ahead and buy a few for next summer!

This tutorial is for a Boutique bow flip-flop. The possibilities are endless with this project because you can use a number of colors and ribbon patterns, creating your own unique style.

one pair plain flip flops
2 pieces 7/8 inch grossgrain ribbon cut to 20 inches
2 pieces 3/8 inch grossgrain ribbon in coordinating colors cut to 13 inches
stick pins
coordinating thread
Fray Check (can find at JoAnns or Michaels)

The first step is to make two basic boutique hair bows using the 7/8 inch ribbon.

A. Fold one end of your ribbon over to the 3 1/2 inch mark.

B. Fold the ribbon back over so that the edge of the loop is on the 4 inch mark.

C. Continue wrapping the ribbon back over to make a large loop, making sure that the end of your ribbon is sitting on top of the loop.

D. Push the stick pin into the very middle of the loop. Separate the loops. You should see 3 different layers on each side of the stick pin, 2 loops and 1 straight piece ("tail" as I like to call it). Your loops should be forming an "X" shape.

E. Continue to spread the loops until you get the shape that you want. I prefer to have the "tail" on the right side of the bow.

F. Take your needle and thread it with the coordinating thread. Weave the needle in and out through the center of the bow. Remove the pin and pull the thread as tight as you can. This will create a "pinched" look in the center of the bow. This part can be frustrating. You may have to practice a couple of times before you create the pinched look - just be patient with it and don't give up.

G. Once you have created the look that you want, wrap the thread around the center a few times. Push the needle through the center to secure the bow. Tie the thread off on the bottom side of the bow and cut thread. Make sure bow looks centered.

You have now completed the first step of making the bow. Don't forget to make two because you have two flip flops.

You are now going to attach the bows to the thongs of the flip flops.

A. Take the 3/8 inch ribbon and wrap it around both sides of the flip flop thong two times. Make sure ribbon on the left side of the thong is wrapped upward and ribbon on the right side of the thong is wrapped around downward. This is to enable stability of the bow.

B. Tie the ribbon in a knot in the center of the thong.

C. Place your bow in the center and with the 3/8 inch ribbon, tie a knot around the bow. Tie a second knot. Make sure bow is secure. If the bow does not feel secure, make sure you have the ribbon securely wrapped around both sides of the thong (repeat step A).

D. Trim the edges of the bow and the ribbons with scissors. Apply Fray Check to all edges to prevent fraying.

You now have a new pair of DIY flip flops for your darling little daughter or a sweet friend.