Tuesday, January 11, 2011

SNOW much fun!

Here in the south, we don't get much snow and honestly, when we hear that it is coming, we don't get our hopes up for it to actually fall. However, this week the weather man was right and we got snow, lots of it, my friends. Our house of curls has been quite excited about all the pretty white stuff and we spent the majority of the past two days playing outside with our fun friends and neighbors. Oldest curly girlie just loves it and if we were to let her, I think she would just stay outside in it all day long. However, our sweet youngest girlie can only take a little at a time.

We started out the morning with a late breakfast in our pjs (we let the girlies see it while it was falling late at night) and then geared up for some fun on the back deck so that Daddy could join us too.

We even made a little snow family, complete with our favorite princesses!

After a hot cup of cocoa, oldest curlie girlie and I headed across the street for a snowball fight with our favorite boys. Now, little miss is quite the snow ball thrower, but she can't take the heat from the boys. So, after lots of fussing at them, she began making snow angels and constructing a snow girl with Miss Meg.

I think one of the highlights of the day was eating the snow and ice! They loved it!

Later in the day, we ventured back across the street and for some snow sledding in a Rubbermaid container and snowboarding down the street.

And what better way to end a fun snow day? By making and eating snow cream, of course, both chocolate and vanilla. It was a big hit and a grand finale to a fabulous day in the snow!

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  1. So fun! Your girls make me smile. I LOVE those curls.